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Dynamism of a Human Body, Umberto Boccioni, Date: 1913 Style: Futurism, Genre: abstract, Media: oil, canvas
Dynamism of a Human Body, Umberto Boccioni,

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  • Such is the secret of the motions of the heavens and of their diversity, each motion strictly corresponding to the desire of a Soul — Henry Corbin, on Avicenna. Image: Gobelin tapestry, “Astronomie”, 1510 – 1515, Tapestry. Liberal Arts Astronomy Quotes
  • The Divine Comedy is precisely the drama of the soul’s choice — Dorothy L Sayers. Liberal Arts Quotes:
  • Liberal Arts – Quote: what counts today, the question which is looming on the horizon, is the need for a redistribution of wealth. Humanity must reply to this question, or be shaken to pieces by it — Frantz Fanon. Image: Substitutes for bread; -or- right honorables, saving the loaves, & dividing the fishes. Satirical print.Ministers sit at a round dinner-table guzzling guineas, while through the window is seen a hungry mob. James Gillray, 1795
  • The meaning or lack of meaning that old age takes on in any given society puts that whole society to the test — Simone de Beauvoir.