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Education and fascism

The only “antibiotic” against the beast within is Education.

‘Neo-Nazism, fascism, racism and every anti-social and anti-human behavior are not products of ideology, do not contain ideology and neither do they constitute ideology. It is the magnified expression/manifestation of the beast within us growing unhindered, because its barbaric and anti-human presence is aided, enhanced or contributed to by social or political circumstances.

The only “antibiotic” against the beast within is Education. I am talking about real education and not the irresponsible education and unfiltered information which avoids the restless and questioning thinking process. I am talking about the education which does not rest on its laurels and does not create complacency to the student, but instead multiplies questions and insecurity. This kind of education is not favored by political parties and all the governments, because it produces free and non-submissive citizens, who are of no use to the lowly game of parties and politics. The conviction that beasts can be goaded and tamed with the proper method and manipulation, is a long standing tradition in politics.’

— Manos Hadjidakis